YouTube Funny Videos To Cheer Your Day

When you google YouTube funny videos, you generally end up with the videos that rank highest, not the funniest ones. So we decided to save you the trouble and post the best ones right here. So if you’re in the need for some YouTube funny videos to brighten your day, check these out. Guaranteed to put a spring back in your step.

Girls Cries Like A Supercar – 6 Million Plus Views

Fenton! – 17 Million Plus Views

How is pragnant formed? – 14 Million Plus Views

The Ice-Cream Van – 14 Million Plus Views

Dog Won’t Listen To Owner – 4 Million Plus Views

The Front Fell Off – 2 Million Plus Views

Old Man Tries To Stand On Egg – 1 million Plus Views

CatDad! – 2 Million Plus Views

Drunk Scouser In Vegas – 1 Million Plus Views

Rubber Chicken EDM – 600,000 Plus Views

This Is Why Mom Doesn’t F#cuking Love You – 4 Million Plus Views

Racist Field Trip – 2 Million Plus Views

Sail! – 20 Million Plus Views

I think that’s a good place to wrap this up. If you enjoyed our funny youtube videos collection, lets us know in the comments. Or if you think we missed a better one, tell us about it!

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