9 World Records That Will Never Be Broken

Before we go any further, I have to admit something. World records is not quite right. Some of these are world records, others are just downright astonishing without being recognised as a world record. With that minor confession out-of-the-way, let’s get to it!

World Records That Will Never Be Broken

  1. Roy Sullivan, a park ranger, holds the world record for most times struck by lightning. He was hit an incredible 7 times and survived. Mind you, he also fought bears and allegedly blew his brains out. The guy lived a very interesting life.
  2. The most one-sided game ever in College American Football. In 1916, Georgia Tech defeated Cumberland College by a staggering 222 – 0.
  3. Teenage dies after masturbating 42 times in a row. ¬†While not an official world record, I can’t see this one ever being broken. Although I beat there are a few pretenders to the throne!
  4. Staying awake the longest. Randy Gardner managed to stay awake for 11 days and 24 minutes (264.4 hours). This record was set in 1964 and Gardner was not allowed to use stimulants of any sort.
  5. Completing Super Mario Bros in the fastest time possible. Under 5 minutes!
  6. Most teaspoons balanced on a human body. This was set by Dalibor Jablonovic in 2016 and the article states that the spoons were of various sizes.
  7. Cael Sanderson holds the College Wrestling record. He was the national champion for all four of his college years and was never beaten. Giving him a perfect record. So while he can be matched, it will never be beaten.
  8. The water speed record. This one looks more and more likely that it will never be broken. Primarily because of that fact that 85% of people who have tried to break it, have died doing so. The record has stood since 1977.
  9. The Worlds tallest man. Robert Wadlow stood at an astonishing height of 8ft 11.1 inches. He stood taller than his father at age 8 and died at the age of 22, in 1940. His record has stood for over 75 years.