Top Ten Places You Can’t Go

When it comes to a list of places you can’t go, you have a few that always make the list. Places such as Chernobyl or Area 51 in Nevada. Well today we are having none of that. For our top ten places you can’t go, we have tried to be a little more original.

Top Ten Places You Can’t Go

The Coca Cola Recipe Vault – Georgia USA

Coca Cola Vault - Top Ten Places You Can't Go

For well over 100 years, the recipe to Coca Cola has been a very closely guarded secret. The above vault is an exhibit piece but the actual vault where the secret recipe is kept is rumored to be in Atlanta, Georgia.

Snake Island – Brazil

Snake Island - Top Ten Places You Can't Go

Having one snake for every square meter, this is a change of pace from the Coca Cola Vault in that the reason you cannot visit is due to the sheer danger of the place. Snake Island, or to give it it’s full name llha da Queimada Grande is off-limits by order of the Brazilian government.

DisneyLand Club 33

Club 33 - Places You Can't Go

A very exclusive club that until recently was only rumored to exist. As well as having a club in the California resort, there are also ones in Tokyo and Shanghai. However, membership between them is non transferable. So even if you did manage to get yourself into one somehow, you still would not be allowed into the others.

Svalbard Global Seed Bank

Sees Bank - Top Ten Places You Can't Go

Contains seeds of every plant currently in existence. It was built to survive anything that could befall the earth and allow survivors to begin again. Security is super tight at the facility and no-one is allowed near to it.

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Centre

Mount Weather - Top Ten Places You Can't Go

If anything major were to befall the United States, this is where all the top civilian and military personnel would be moved to. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the security surround this facility is incredible. During the 9/11 attacks, most of the congressional leadership were moved here as a precaution.

Pine Gap Research Facility

Pine Gap - Top Ten Places You Can't Go

This facility is 11 miles away from Alice Springs in Australia, which itself is pretty much as far away from everything else as you can get. Think of Area 51, but in Australia. This research facility is a joint operation between the Australian and American government.

White’s Gentlemen’s Club

Whites - Top Ten Places You Can't Go

The most exclusive club in the world. Based in Mayfair, London, White’s has been around since 1693. However, it moved to its present location in St James Street in 1783 (pictured above). Notable members include Prince Charles and David Cameron (ex prime minister). The list of present and former members in a veritable who’s who of the global elite. So unless you are part of that elite, you aint getting in. And if you are part of that elite and female, the door is still closed to you.

Mezhgorye – Russian Secret Nuclear Missile Base

Mezhgorye - Top Ten Places You Can't Visit

What I never get about these places is this. We call them a secret base but yet here I am, telling you exactly what it is and where it is! However, this closed town in the Ural Mountains is home to two military battalions that serve a secret nuclear missile base. It is said that if a nuclear explosion is detected on Russian soil, this base will automatically retaliate.

North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island - Top Ten Places You Can't Go

Forgive me if you have heard of this one, as it fascinates me and could not be left out. North Sentinel Island is situated in the Bay of Bengal. It’s not a secret base or full of snakes. Nope, it’s better than that. A lost tribe known as the Sentinelese live there. They are the only people left on earth to be almost completely untouched by modern civilisation. And don’t try to go say hello, because they will kill you. Seriously, check out the video below (don’t worry, no-one dies).

Room 39

Room 39 is located in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. And it is only accessible by the leaders of the country. It exists to maintain a foreign currency slush fund to prop up the power of the Kim Dynasty. It has also been claimed that money counterfeiting, drug production and international fraud goes on here, but will may never know the full truth.

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