Reddit Shower Thoughts – Scary Edition

I absolutely love the Reddit shower thoughts subreddit. It’s a fabulous way to while away your time and you get a glance into other peoples minds at the same time!

So today, I thought in honor of the fast approaching Halloween, I would put together some of the best reddit shower thoughts that have a scary theme to them. Enjoy!

Reddit Shower Thoughts – Scary Edition

  • A truly terrifying horror film would have the characters making the most logical, common-sense choices, and still getting slaughtered because the villain is just that relentless. u/JamalBruh


  • There should be a website where you can sign up and swap your Halloween costume with another person every year to save yourself money. u/gouldsplosions


  • If I was a vampire, I would work retail so I know who deserves to die. u/Nick357


  • An awful lot of people think they’ll survive the zombie apocalypse when they can’t even avoid the common cold. u/NeverBob


  • It would be scary as fuck if the entire Ocean was clear like a swimming pool. u/JustinTimberbeach


  • For Halloween, SnapChat should add a person standing in the background only after you take the picture. u/moonman1324


  • Scary movies should put high-pitched sounds only dogs can hear so your dog will start acting crazy for (seemingly) no reason at the scariest parts. u/mack1128


  • Many of the people who say they would survive in a horror movie would NOT survive. Think of all the times you’ve heard creaks while home alone and kept browsing the internet like it was nothing. u/Uber-A


  • Because telescopes work using mirrors, we’ll never know if there are any space vampires. u/Champs27


  • Pretty much any survivor of a paranormal horror movie is going to prison; “ghosts killed all those people whose blood I was covered in, if I didn’t read the incantation to banish their spirits in time I would have been next” would never fly in court. u/Albertopolis


  • Screw Sharknado, I want to see something that could really happen. Picture this: tornado touches down on a sewer treatment facility. Poopnado! Now that’s some scary shit. u/KMFNR


  • Horror movie characters like Freddy Kreuger become slightly less scary when you consider that at one point he went shopping for that hat and sweater. u/van-nostrand-md


  • A zombie outbreak could be prevented if people were buried with their shoe laces tied together. u/youngnreckless


  • A vampire could switch one of the lenses of his glasses with a mirror and effectively have a rear-view mirror u/save-iour


  • When keyless ignition in cars becomes a standard feature, survival rates in horror movies will go up 30%. u/SCREAM2NIGHT


  • A zombie apocalypse sounds even worse when you consider all those smoke detectors beeping for battery changes. u/ParrotSTD


  • Compared to horror movies, Ted is the best case scenario for a stuffed animal coming to life. u/lena_mm


  • It’s scary to think about whose purge list you would be on. u/12jake


  • How scary life would be if spiders acted like mosquitoes, in that they relentlessly chased us for our blood. u/straubzilla


  • If a zombie outbreak happened on Halloween, the resulting post apocalyptic world would be much more visually interesting. u/Wasabi_Nasal_Spray