Funny Wifi Names – Step Up Your Game

It can be really hard to come up with funny wifi names. Luckily for you though, we have done it for you! So if you want to know the best wifi names out there, check out our list below. And if you want to use one and look like a comedy genius to your friends, we don’t mind. It’ll be our little secret…………

Funny Wifi Names – Step Up Your Game


  1. You kids get off my WLAN.

  2. Yell penis for password.

  3. Pretty fly for a wifi.

  4. Wifi I am at home.

  5. Troy and Abed in the modem.

  6. Password is TACO (Obviously don’t make your password taco though!)

  7. Panic at the CISCO.

  8. IP on your bushes.

  9. Silence of the LANS.

  10. Wu tang LAN.

  11. Tell my wifi I love her.

  12. LAN of green gables.

  13. CunniLinksys.

  14. Paperback router.

  15. Bathroom cam 7.

  16. A network orange.

  17. Wi-Fi-Fo-Fum.

  18. Keep it on the download.

  19. I come from a LAN down under.

  20. Routers of Rohan.

  21. The abominable snowLAN.

  22. LANnah Montana.

  23. Tell your wifi I said hello.

  24. Free public wifi (And then password protect it!).

  25. We can hear you having sex.

  26. It burns when IP.

  27. The ping in the north.

  28. IP freely.

  29. The LANisters send their regards.

  30. The LAN before time.

  31. Will connect for free beer.

  32. Your friendly neighbourhood spider-LAN.

  33. Everyday I’m buffering.

  34. I don’t know (Great when people ask you which networks yours!).

  35. Wifi when you can walk.

  36. Abraham Linksys.

  37. Wi Five.

  38. Wi believe I can Fi.

  39. That’s what she SSID.

  40. Yer a wifi Harry.

Did you find inspiration from our funny wifi names list? Or maybe we missed an obvious one. Let us know in the comments!