Funny Pictures To Brighten Your Day

I stumbled across this ask reddit thread chock full of funny pictures and thought it was too good to not share the best of them here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Don’t forget to share it if you do!

19 Funny Pictures To Brighten Your Day

This guy was a little too confident!

Funny Pictures - Stabbed man

I don’t think he likes his new haircut much.

Funny Pictures - Shaved Dog

Grease 3, now with animals.

Funny Pictures - Rat Screams

Someone had a brain fart.

Funny Pictures - Phteven

Sassy Middle Ages.

Funny Pictures - Paint A picture

How utterly terrifying would that be? Zoo’s would be scary as hell.

Funny Pictures - Lions are awesome

Leo does his very best impression.

Funny Pictures - Leonardo

Confusing perspective here. Keep looking, it’s not what you think it is!

Funny Pictures - Confusing

Happy Birthday April you………………

Funny Pictures - Happy Birthday!

What happens when you face swap a cat and a dog.

Funny Pictures - Cat Dog Faceswap

Want to know how to do CPR right? Here you go……..

Funny Pictures - CPR done right

Never fails to make me smile.

Funny Pictures - Clifford

I’m thinking maybe you should have shown them a picture of what you wanted.

Funny Pictures - Dogs Heart

Dancing is life.

Funny Pictures - Fuck off babies

Fugitive pupper.

Funny Pictures - Fugitive

An innocent childs drawing, with a smidge of a spelling mistake.

Funny Pictures - Buzz lightyear

Imagine getting that abomination for your cake.

Funny Pictures - Birthday Cake

They always say you should never meet your heroes, but I think he did ok.

Funny Pictures - Best Day Ever

I think this dog might be my spirit animal!

Funny Pictures - Amazing dog

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