Celebrity Names – If Celebs Had Nicknames

When it comes to celebrity names, everyone has heard of Bill Nye, The Science Guy. But what if more celebrity names had the addition of a description? Join us as we imagine what the stars would be called.

Celebrity Names

  • Johnny Depp, Tim Burton’s rep.
  • Jeffrey Dahmer, the people nommer.
  • Sly Stallone, the slurred monotone.
  • Keanu Reeves, the guy who grieves.
  • Slim Shady, son of spaghetti lady.
  • Doctor Phil, the psychobabble shill.
  • Christopher Walken, pauses while talkin’.
  • William Shatner, the over-actor.
  • Sean Bean, who dies onscreen.
  • Tom Cruise with the platform shoes.
  • Charlie Sheen the cocaine machine.
  • Bob Ross, the painting boss.
  • Chris Pratt who used to be fat.
  • Snoop Dogg the ganja hog.
  • Chris Brown the domestic violence clown.
  • Stephen Hawking, hardly talking.
  • Jackie Chan the famous stunt man.
  • James Blunt, the singing c*nt (disclaimer, I love Blunt, he is nice and hilarious, seriously, check out his twitter!).
  • Chance the rapper. See what I did there?
  • Hugh Jackman, the huge jacked man.
  • Will Smith, can my son be in this?
  • Stephen Fry the posh English guy.
  • Morgan Freeman, the narration demon.
  • Weird Al, the parody pal.
  • Taylor Swift who’s always miffed.
  • Adam Sandler the comedy mis-handler.
  • Nicolas Cage, any movie for a wage.
  • Michael Caine looks after Bruce Wayne.
  • Bill Cosby, master of mixology.
  • Jack Black, the fat singer who can act.
  • And to finish: Simon Cowell, the talking bowel.

There we have it, a great list of celebrity names with their descriptions. Think you can do better? Let us have it in the comments!