Funny Senior Quotes – Yearbook Musings

Funny Senior Quotes - Yearbook Musings - Featured

When it comes to our school years, people love to tell you that it’s the best time of your life. Frequently, they are right. There’s no greater way to mark this chapter of your young life than with a funny senior quote in your yearbook. Something to look back on and capture the spirit of the younger you. So to celebrate that, here’s some of the best quotes we could find. Continue reading “Funny Senior Quotes – Yearbook Musings”

11 Book Quotes To Inspire You Today

11 Book Quotes To Inspire You Today

Some days are harder than others. When the hard days come along, it can be difficult to stay positive and upbeat. When I feel down and beaten up, I look for a good book to disappear into. Books are powerful things. They have the capacity to inspire and draw emotion from us like almost no other media can.

The evocative nature of reading a book, getting lost in your imagination as you draw another world in your mind is amazing. And should never be taken for granted. So today, let’s help inspire you and bring you around from your bad day. Continue reading “11 Book Quotes To Inspire You Today”