Facts You Really Don’t Want To Know

Facts You Really Don't Want To Know - Featured

When it comes to the world around us, most of us go about our day thinking everything is benign and wonderful. And for the most part, it is. But sometimes a fact is thrown up that makes you question just how nice the world actually is. That’s what we have for you today. Facts that you really don’t want to know. For instance, did you know that Hamsters are cannibals and will routinely eat their young if spooked or disturbed? Want to know some more?  Continue reading “Facts You Really Don’t Want To Know”

Random Facts – Pointless Trivia Time!

Random Facts and Pointless Trivia

I’m a sucker for random facts. I seem to have an uncanny ability to retain utterly pointless trivia. Unfortunately that’s about all I retain. So as superpowers go it’s a pretty crappy one. I don’t think there will ever be a time when someone wants me to keep a bad guy mildly entertained.

However, even though it might be a terrible superpower, random facts do tend to be interesting, so I thought I would share some here. Let’s get on with it…….. Continue reading “Random Facts – Pointless Trivia Time!”