The Best Obscure Movie Easter Eggs

I love a little nod to something else in a movie. Movie easter eggs are great but they can be so hard to spot! Today, let’s go through some of the best movie easter eggs from some of the most beloved films out there. Ones so obscure that you probably won’t have seen them before.

The Best Obscure Movie Easter Eggs

Sid, the bully from the original Toy Story, makes an appearance in Toy Story 3. He plays the garbage man.

Movie Easter Eggs - Sid Toy Story

Hot Fuzz is an amazing movie. And in the scene when Nicholas Angel is shown around the police station by Sergeant Tony Fisher, we have this great moment below.

Movie Easter Eggs - Hot Fuzz

Here’s a crossover that takes place over a few decades. The jeep that the kids use to escape in Jurassic World, is the original jeep used in Jurassic Park.

Movie Easter Eggs - Jurassic World

I love this one. The Dark Knight is an incredible movie. Bruce Wayne drives a Lamborghini Murcielago in the film. Murcielago means bat in spanish. He’s driving the batmobile!

Movie Easter Eggs - The Dark knight

In Team America: World Police, the streets of Paris are croissants.

Movie Easter Eggs - Team America World Police

A news report in The Incredible Hulk is also shown at the end of Iron Man 2. This is because the events in Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 all take place over the course of one week.

Movie Easter Eggs - Iron Man

In this 40 second clip from the start of Shaun of the Dead, the entire movie is foreshadowed.

Find it strange that in every alien movie, we can understand them? Guardians of the Galaxy explains that in this scene. Starlords enhancement list includes a translator implant.

Movie Easter Eggs - Guardians of the Galaxy

In the Shawshank Redemption, Red refers to Andy’s fantasy of going to Zihuatanejo as a “shitty pipe dream”.

The famous scene at the start of Inglorious Basterds is well-known. But did you spot this little interaction? Col. Hans Lander is checking the girl’s pulse very subtly to ascertain if she is lying or not.
Movie Easter Eggs - Inglorious Basterds
Here’s how you can connect Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction in just a single conversation. Pretty impressive considering Pulp Fiction was released 9 years before Kill Bill!
Movie Easter Eggs - Pulp Fiction
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