Are These The Best Music Videos Ever?

I grew up watching MTV and now when I want a fix of great music videos I head straight to Youtube. As for a definitive list of the best music videos ever…. It’s a little subjective. Obviously. With our list, the quality of the song is also taken into account. Cause after all, even if your video is amazing, if the songs a pile of crap, who really cares?

The Best Music Videos Ever?

Let’s start with the Blur classic. I loved the video to Coffee and TV when it came out and you will too.

The next one is True Survivor by David Hasselhoff. This amazing retro masterpiece is the lead track from Kung Fury. And if you haven’t seen Kung Fury, go watch it. Right now.

Ok Go show us that it’s possible to make a kick ass video with just treadmills as props. It also helps that Here It Goes Again is a great pop tune.

This one is a little more unknown. The track is called No One Knows Who We Are and is by Kaskade & Swanky. It’s a good little dance track but what really makes it is the amazing video.

Next up we have The Killers with Miss Atomic Bomb. The video tells the story of young lovers with a sad twist at the end.

Ed Sheerans song Lego House is an amazing tune. But have you seen the accompanying music video? No, not the official one. The one below. The story is told through the medium of Lego. Which might seem played out now after the Lego Movie and Lego Batman, but not so. Because this fan made epic came out first. A full year before the Lego Movie was released.

I have vivid memories of watching this as a child. Cowering behind my Uncle’s sofa sometime in the 1980’s. And let’s face it, it still looks great today. It is, of course Michael Jackson with the amazing Thriller video.

Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame is an amazing dancer. And where better to prove that than with the sheer coolness of Virtual Insanity. How he manages to dance so well on a constantly shifting floor never fails to astound me.

No list like this would be complete without the A-HA classic Take On Me. It’s such a classic and has been parodied by so many people, Family Guy included. If you’ve never seen this before, where have you been?

Last up, for sheer oddity check out Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches. It’s a cool song with a completely out there video to accompany it.

So how did we do? What are the best music videos in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.