7 Of The Best Free Documentaries To Watch Online

When it comes to getting your fix of the best free documentaries, it seems you have two choices. Watch high quality ones when they appear on tv, or stream badly produced ones from some terrible site that gives you a virus. But not anymore, because there are places, mainly, unsurprisingly, Youtube, where you can watch high quality documentaries that comply with all copyright laws and the wishes of the producers. And below we have 7 of the best for you. Check them out and learn something new!

7 Of The Best Free Documentaries To Watch Online

Free To Play – The Movie

This documentary by Valve, the video game makers and force behind the Steam gaming platform brings you an amazing journey. We follow the players competing for a mind-boggling million dollar prize in the first ever Dota 2 tournament. Showing the struggles they go through to get there, the human cost of it and how competitive online gaming has come on as a profession.

The Iceman Tapes – Inside The Mind Of A Mafia Hitman

This story centres around Richard Kuklinski, a contract killer and prolific serial killer as he’s interviewed by a psychiatrist. It follows on from his massive media trial in the 90’s and the best-selling and utterly fascinating book about him The Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer┬áby Philip Carlo. The book (and film) are an amazing insight into what makes a stone cold killer tick. How he became what he is and ultimately, how he deals with it all.

Shenzhen: The Silicon Valley of Hardware

We take our technology for granted. Not many people actually stop and question where it came from, who made it or under what conditions. This documentary from Wired takes us behind the scenes in Shenzhen in China. Showing how a unique future city has sprung up and what we can learn from it.

Al Jazeera Investigates – The Dark Side

No, the respected news channel is not doing a feature on Sith Lords! This fascinating documentary explores the secretive world of doping in professional sports.

Tesla Motors

Elon Musk is the man of the moment. Rising up from his beginnings with Paypal and bartering that into SpaceX, SolarCity and of course, the subject of this documentary, Tesla. Go inside the Tesla factory and see what it takes to make these amazing cars.

Destination: Titan

This documentary from the BBC is a voyage of exploration. To Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Which we believe to have similar properties to the early Earth. Follow the journey of a small team of scientists as they set off on a 2 billion, 7 year long journey.

North Korea’s Darkest Secrets

This frontline documentary takes you into the secretive dictatorship of North Korea. Showing you how the ruling party there keep control of the people through fear and propaganda. It’s a fascinating look at the country and its everyday people.

There you have it. Our favorite best free documentaries that you can watch online, right now. If you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments. And remember, we are a new site, so if you liked this content, please share it and help us to grow. Thanks!