2000’s Nostalgia – A Blast From Your Childhood

2000’s nostalgia is here! Every generation growing up eventually starts to look back to where they have come from. The journey they have taken and the events that shaped them. Looking for that lost innocence of youthful pastimes. And now it’s the turn of the millennial. So come with me on a journey back to where it all began. Through the mists of time to the early 2000’s.

2000’s Nostalgia – A Blast From Your Childhood

    • Early YouTube. In 2005, YouTube was a fresh-faced, innocent video hosting site. Fully of videos made by everyday people and a rating system of stars. No adverts, no recommended videos, no pr companies. Just an everyday look into people’s lives. You could spend hours down the rabbit hole, watching random video after random video’s (that would pre-buffer!). Leroy Jenkins, Chocolate Rain and Numa Numa Guy. I miss that YouTube.
    • Snake. The ONLY mobile phone game of the time.

  • Cell phones were expensive and smart phones were still in their infancy. So what did we have to keep in touch with our friends? AIM. AOL Instant Messenger. So, what’s your A/S/L?2000s Nostalgia - AIM instant messenger
  • Video Rental Stores. Blockbusters and mom and pop stores on the corner of every street. Titans of their industry, sailing on the crest of a wave. As if streaming a video on your crappy bandwidth would ever catch on.
  • Amazing kids tv. Disney channel, Nick, Toonami and Cartoon Network were all producing some quality shows. Ed, Edd N’ Eddy, Dexter’s Lab and Drake and Josh to name just a few.
  • Flash Games. Back when it was Macromedia Flash on sites such as Newgrounds, AddictingGames and eBaumsworld. And for the best game ever, check out below:

  • The late 90’s / early 2000’s also saw the release of the greatest console ever. Of course, the Sony Playstation 2. Why do I say it’s the greatest console ever? Because it gave life to GTA: San Andreas. The greatest video game ever made. I bought this release day and played it non stop until I finished it. The massive open world, the missions, hidden gems and ability to fly military jets was astounding. And if you ever hankered to see GTA: San Andreas remastered in 4K, don’t worry, I got your back:

  • Lego is everywhere today. The company is soaring. But it wasn’t always the case. During the 90’s, Lego saw a massive slump in popularity. Until 2001 that is. With the release of Bionicle. The release of Bionicle literally saved the company from a financial crisis. They also gave great memories, although the movies were pants.
  • History and Discovery Channel actually aired content that was relevant to their names! Shocking, right?
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Need I say any more?
  • The best songs:

  • Welcome to the O.C bitch – Cue theme tune in everyone’s head.
  • Early social media. Friends Reunited, Myspace (Hi Mark!) and latterly Bebo (which is now a streaming service, bizarrely). All before the hulking, privacy invading behemoth that is Facebook took over.
  • Optimism. Before the global financial meltdown of 07 / 08 it seemed the world was a nicer place. Now all we think about is rising cost of living, rising house prices, terrible job markets and the ever-present threat of war and terror.
  • Motorola RAZR, the original “must have” mobile phone.2000's nostalgia Motorola RAZR
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