18 Common Misconceptions – It Just Ain’t True!

When it comes to common misconceptions, some things are baked into our psyche. And no matter what you say, people will simply not listen. So let’s go through 18 of the most common misconceptions and put them to bed, once and for all.

18 Common Misconceptions – It Just Ain’t True!

  1. Swallowed chewing gum takes 7 years to digest.

    Nope. The chewy part of the gum is indigestible and will pass straight through you. The rest is broken down and absorbed.

  2. Salty water boils quicker.

    Technically, this could be true. But the amount of salt you would need is enough to make your food taste absolutely disgusting.

  3. Three Wise Men.

    We all know the story of the 3 wise men visiting the newly born Christ child. Except……nowhere is the New Testament does it mention how many there were.

  4. No sex before a game.

    Everyone knows that athletes don’t engage in coitus before a game because it saps energy. Only thing is, there is absolutely no evidence that it’s true.

  5. Drop a penny off the Empire State and it would kill someone.

    No. The terminal velocity of a penny is between 30 and 50 mph. It would hurt like hell, but it would not kill you.

  6. Shaving thickens your hair.

    Nonsense. The new hair is not tapered, so appears thicker at first. Can you imagine if this was true? Every man alive would quickly be unable to shave, due to the thickness of his hair.

  7. If you ask if they are a cop, they have to tell you.

    This one was introduced to popular thought by Hollywood and is simply untrue.

  8. Iron Maidens were used as a torture device in medieval times.

    Those big caskets with spikes inside? Created in the 18th century by travelling circuses.

  9. Einstein failed maths.

    He once failed an entrance exam but overall he was an excellent mathematician.

  10. Humans have 5 senses.

    Actually, if you take into account balance, pain, thirst etc it’s actually closer to 20.

  11. Don’t swim for one hour after eating.

    This was thought to be due to cramping, but it’s simply not the case. However, a full stomach will make you more short of breath.

  12. We lose most of our body heat through our heads.

    This is based on a flawed survey where they wrapped people up and then use imaging to see where they lost most heat from. Seeing as the only part they did not cover was the head, this is where most heat escaped from.

  13. 24 hours for a missing person.

    Police do not have to wait 24 hours to file a missing person report. Each case is taken on its own circumstance and merit.

  14. You can see the Great Wall of China from space.

    Sorry. No you can’t. At least not with the naked eye.

  15. Bulls hate the color red.

    They are reacting to the motions made by the bullfighter as bulls are actually color blind.

  16. Napoleon was short.

    He was actually 5 feet 7 inches. Which might sound short by todays standards but was above average height for a Frenchman at the time. The short rumor was started by the British, as part of a campaign to discredit him.

  17. Goldfish only remember for 3 seconds.

    Goldfish during tests have been able to remember certain actions for up to 3 months. So slightly longer!

  18. Satan is the ruler of Hell.

    Everyone is told this. But nowhere in the Bible is it stated.

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